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What is this?

Inquisitive is a Joomla! component that allows you to create quiz / surveys from the front-end of your site. You can then fill in answers and submit. Reporting displays individual or entire quiz / survey responses.

  • Conduct course evaluations, quizzes & tests online
  • Perform training compliance self-checks
  • Gather student or attendee feedback

Are there any costs?

A once-off $25 gives you access to support and continual release updates. The money is used to support you, the inquisitive community and further development of the component.

Is this the final version?

No. New versions constantly being released. These will be pushed to your website using the joomla one click updater. Major versions expected every 6 months.

With a view towards a Joomla! learning management system LMS.

Student Development

Inquisitive can facilitate teacher and student self analysis & development. Create a survey or pop quiz. Teachers save time, with one less thing to correct manually!

For teachers wanting to provide a quiz / survey to students from within their intranet. Teachers can create multiple quizzes and send the link to a class of students, who will login and complete the task.

Customer Feedback

Request customers to login and complete a survey, gain feedback from customers.

  • Create unlimited quizzes from the front end of your website
  • Grant groups permission to create or submit quiz / surveys
  • Quiz mode users get instant feedback regarding their knowledge of quiz subject matter.
  • 3 simple question types, single selection radio buttons, multiple selection check boxes and text boxes with keywords to score against
  • The quiz is dynamic and you can add or remove answers while you create.
  • Install Steps - 1 Install, 2 set permissions and add 3 menu links!

Please register yourself below, with your account you can begin creating quiz / surveys.

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Inquisitive uses the joomla extension update facility.
Updates will be available within your administration control panel.