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  1. What is Inquisitive?
  2. How to use
    1. Question types 
    2. Creating a new quiz / survey content
    3. Editing your quiz / survey content
    4. Publishing
    5. Configuring your quiz / survey
    6. Taking a quiz
    7. Reporting
  3. Installing into your Joomla! website
    1. Setup Links
    2. Configure Permissions
    3. Categories
    4. Language


1 What is Inquisitive? 

Inquisitive is a Joomla! component that allows you to create quiz / surveys from the front-end of your site. You can then fill in answers and submit. Reporting displays individual or entire quiz / survey  responses.

2 How to use 

Using Inquisitive is simple. You create the quiz / surveys from the front of your site. The quiz appears in a list of all created quiz / surveys called 'Quiz List'. You have the option of editing the quiz at this point. When you are ready, publish the quiz / survey so that people can access what you have created and begin to respond. Your newly published quiz / survey will be accessible via a unique link. You may wish to email this to others publicly or restrict access only to those who have permission to do so.


2.1 Question types


    • Single Answer: Only one Answer can be selected for that particular question
    • Text boxes: A single space for a text response
      • Note: Keywords are used to evaluate whether a user has typed the desired word. each word is worth a correct score.  Keywords must be separated by a comma eg: red, white, blue. If the respondent only enters one keyword out of the three, this will yield a result of 33% for that question
      • If you have a specific word your expecting in response from the user, enter it here such as "needle, haystack, words, etc" (keywords are not CaSe SeNSiTiVe) - only the distinct word "web" is matched, and not a word partial like "webbing" or "cobweb"
    • Multiple Answers: Multiple Answers can be selected in combination for that particular question

TIP: You can tell the difference between a question that allows only one answer versus multiple answers because of the shape of the option buttons. If it allows only one answer choice, the radio buttons will be circles. If it allows multiple answers, the buttons will be square check boxes.


2.2 Creating a new quiz / survey 

Click the create quiz / survey link from your menu (see 3.1 Setup Links). You will have 3 types of questions to choose from. After choosing simply enter in your first question. Answer options should also be entered at this time for each desired answer. Repeat these steps for each and every question until your quiz /survey is complete! When your happy with your quiz / survey, click submit and you will notice it is already in the 'Quiz List' - the list of quiz / surveys. Repeat these steps for each and every quiz.

To add more answer options for your users to respond. Choose the [Add Answer], you will then pop in another one underneath the Answer: text field. [Remove Answer] Removes the previously entered answer option.

TIP! Clicking the [Next Question >>>] button automatically saves/updates your survey with the new question. This way it saves your progress.


 2.3 Editing your quiz / survey 

Enter your text for the question name and answer options, Create your question and click [Next Question >>>]

Edit - Make changes to your quiz / survey text. Change or delete content for questions and answers, add or remove answer options.

Publisher Preview Preview - Content publisher may review their quiz / survey. Helpful for remembering correct answers. Unpublished & read only.



2.4 Publishing

You must publish a quiz to allow users to take your quiz / survey, otherwise only you will be able to interact with it.

From the 'Quiz List' you will find the following three states for your quiz / survey. You can toggle between Published & Unpublished.

Unpublished - This state makes the quiz / survey available strictly to the publisher or any user with super-administrator access. You will be able to fully edit your quiz / survey.

Published - This state makes the quiz / survey accessible.

Unpublished & read only - This state makes the quiz / survey hidden to all users except the publisher & super-administrator.


Important note! Once the content is published you will no longer be able to make edits. However you may replicate an existing quiz / survey and immediately begin editing a new instance. This is to preserve consistency of your respondents results - Otherwise when you edit the quiz the answers might not match anymore!


2.5 Configuring your quiz / survey 

From the 'Quiz List' click the expand options button to further modify your quiz.


Quiz mode - Displays Answers / results at the end of the quiz to help users learn from any errors made.

Survey mode - Displays a thank you message to the user but suppresses answers & reporting abilities. Quiz / Survey creator is sent an email with the users response.


Assign a quiz / survey to category by selecting a category from the drop down list. If this is not visible you need to configure these from the backend.


cp replicate32When you need to edit a quiz / survey after it has already published, you can easily click the replicate icon, which makes a copy of the current quiz / survey and takes you to the edit screen for you to start editing the new copy imediatley. While the replicated copy is exact, it will not have reporting data as it has not been published yet.


2.6 Taking a quiz 

Now that you have spent a few valuable minutes creating your quiz / survey, you will have published it live so now users with 'read' access (see how to configure permissions to 'Quiz List' for access) can 'Take' the quiz /survey.

Users will enter in their response and then click [Submit], an email sent to quiz creator upon quiz completion.

NOTE! When a user finishes a quiz the last response overwrites their previous attempt.


2.7 Reporting  

Control Panel Reports Button From the 'Quiz List' click the reporting button. From the reports page you will find statistics about the responses your quiz has generated. Note survey mode will summarise the qualitative results


Demo the reports area »

    1. Average User Score: Shows the average percentage for all users.
    2. Users Submitted: Shows the number of users that took the quiz. Multiple attempts will not be shown in this count.
    3. Quiz Details & Show Users: To view which users have scored above or below average for the quiz / survey, click on the [Show Users >>] button. A chart will appear to show a summary of all the users that took the quiz and their results including usernames, scores and a link to individual results.
    4. Group Results (pie chart): This shows the number of users and percentage of users that scored within that given range. Hover your mouse over a portion of the pie graph, the number of users and the range will appear. A legend can be found, bottom corner.
    5. Average per question: This bar graph shows the average percentage of all the results of users per question. The creator of the quiz can easily tell whether a user has scored above average, below average or average on a question. This allows the creator to be able to zone in on which questions the user is struggling with.

NOTE! Only a correct response is added to the final score %, nothing is subtracted if incorrect.



3. Installing into your Joomla! website


Latest Version of Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x.x

Install component extension from the joomla back-end or update your existing installation through the joomla control panel.

  1. Download the extension to your local machine as a zip file package.
  2. From the back-end of your Joomla site (administration) select Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.
  3. Click the Browse button and select the extension package on your local machine.
  4. Click the Upload File & Install button.



3.1 Setup Menu Links 

This is a standard joomla operation, you will locate the Inquisitive extension type at the bottom of the menu.

'Create Quiz' - Access to the app that enables creating a quiz. Once you have this you no longer need to have a menu item technically.

'Quiz List' - View the full list of quiz and surveys that have been created.


3.2 Configure Permissions 

For further background reading on permissions

Assigning permissions to groups is easy. Joomla now makes this accessible from Administrator->Components->Inquisitive->Options

inquisitive backend options button

Here is an example of an installation where the public can view and sit quiz / surveys:

 inquisitive permissions example Public Read access

The registered users can also create quiz / surveys

inquisitive permissions example Registered Read write access


'New Quiz' creators should have write access

'Quiz list' users should have read access

Still using 2.5? see here

A typical configuration consists of two groups.
The 'List' should have public or registered access for those who will 'Take' the quiz / surveys.
The other group are Publishers, these users will have a higher access level and can 'Create' a quiz / survey. Regardless of your group configuration. The following rules apply.

Note: Users who operate Active Directory domain networks can use a permission sync plugin to assist teachers and students to log in to the intranet website with their same group membership. Essentially mapping LDAP to JOOMLA .


3.3 Categories

Organising your quiz list is made possible by categorising your quiz / surveys. A drop down box will appear at the top of the quiz list page once you have created categories from the administration backend of your site.

Assigning categories to quiz / survey's is easy. This is accessible from Administrator->Components->Inquisitive->Categories.

For further background reading on categories


4 Language

Translating the missing/untranslated strings is easy. Open the /language/yourLanguage-Code/yourLanguage-Code.com_inquisitive.ini

if you are using french, then your language code is fr-FR and you will be opening the /language/fr-FR/fr-FR.com_inquisitive.ini

you will find untranslated strings, for example


What you have to do is:
Remove the semicolon and add your translation. So the translated string should look like

Now do the same for administrator language files located in

/administrator/language/yourLanguage-Code folder

/administrator/language/yourLanguage-Code/yourLanguage-Code.com_inquisitive.ini handles the language for the inquisitive administration area

Note: US english will call this site inquizitive and try to access it through however this is an australian brand and we follow the UK english.


Thanks for taking the time to find out more about inquisitive quiz / survey. to help us better serve your need, please send through a brief description on what your having trouble achieving. We will reply and update this page for future users shortly.